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Lighting at Borsigwerke Halle- Berlin

The first steam locomotive factory, built in 1804.

The university campus has an area around 1500 m², I was responsible for the planning, design, purchase, installation, overall coordination of the lighting design during the event and for future usage. My role was directly given from the university president, Dr. Ashraf Mansour, to create the appropriate lighting and atmosphere for the event. The challenging part was finding the appropriate equipment, in Berlin. Most importantly, I had to learn about Installs and repairs electrical wiring, systems, and fixtures.

'Das Licht' Infinity Mirror

A mirror that will see you up to infinity and beyond. The Infinity Mirror is an excellent optical illusion that you wonder if you can trust your eyes. While being an excellent addition to any bedroom, the Infinity Mirror is also an excellent sensory accessory for any mobile app, like Headspace us- ing the technicality of music syncing and style of light. You can use it while meditating, partying, or just a static light. When not occupied: it’s a mirror!

The Famous 'Lack' IKEA Table

Reimagining the top selling IKEA coffee table into an infinity mirror.

Ceiling Light at Restaurant

Lighting Storyboard 'VJ'

Creating a setting for suspense and launch of new product