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Trophy Design &  Execution

Design Magazine awards for celebrating 25 years.

Automotive- Sidecar Facelift

Creating a facelift for a company called 'Glide', for sustainable automotive services.

Automotive- Camper Biker

The idea is to create a bike trailer that functions as a miniature sleeping caravan for people who enjoy minimalistic outdoor experiences within the city. The trailer is expandable, providing comfortable sleeping accommodations for individuals up to 190cm tall. The design is also aerodynamic, allowing for easy maneuverability while biking. The focus is on creating a convenient and comfortable outdoor living space for those who prefer a minimalistic lifestyle.

Fish Farm & Aquaponics

Sustainble farming has been a great interest for me, during my studies I made a small-scale prototype on how the aquaponics cycle operates. By time, I helped model and produce farm ponds as well as 'Drum Filter'. Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters process slurry and discharge cake in a continuous process. ... As the drum rotates into slurry, vacuum pulls the liquor through the industrial filter media, trapping the solid particles on its surface, forming a cake.

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